Images by Melissa Vienneau, Words by Brian Conoley

Everyone deserves a second chance...

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The story so far...

The jury had their facts right when they found Jeremy Kane guilty of murder and sentenced him to death by lethal injection. What the people watching him die from the gallery don't realize as they see the liquid drain into the blood of this cold and stoic killer is that there is another voice, screaming inside of Jeremy's head: "I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'm sorry." It's a voice that's been helpless and unheard since the monster it shares a body with took control.

Jeremy was a normal child being raised by two loving parents. In his early adolescence, after bearing witness to a horrific event, Jeremy develops Dissociative Identity Disorder, more commonly and archaically referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder.

Jeremy's additional personality, a symptom of his disorder, is a psychopath with a strong sense of survival. This second personality takes over Jeremy's life, suppressing his former self to the confines of his subconscious.

Jeremy's life is controlled by the dark force inside of him and ultimately lands him a death sentence; lethal injection.

Every fifty years or so, something comes along that turns the world upside down. We hate change; we hide from it, we make up stories and lies to dull ourselves from its insistent lessons.
— Narrator

But this story begins when jeremy's heart starts beating again...

Fifteen minutes after the State stops Jeremy's starts beating again, atop a cold steel table in the prison morgue.

Jeremy wakes up with his original personality in control once again. With the killer inside of him seemingly gone, Jeremy must escape into a city that has just sighed in relief at the passing of a murderous psychopath. Cut off from his family and friends after years imprisoned in his own mind, Jeremy must flee the authorities, uncover the mystery behind his resurrection, and redeem himself for the actions of the killer he once was, whose face he sees in every mirror and on the cover of every newspaper in town.