It Begins


It's here. Issue 1 is in the can. Tomorrow, August 25th, 2017, I will arrive at Taylor Printing in Fredericton to pick up the first 250 issues of Minds of My Own. ON REAL PAPER AND EVERYTHING! 

I am struggling with words, this is not usual for me; but the amount of support and generosity and genuine anticipation that Melissa and I have garnered from everyone has been tremendous. 

I am sitting here, in front of a sun drenched window, with rays reflecting off the crisp, clean, haunting image of Jeremy on the front cover. It is a demanding image. It draws your eyes directly into his. It dares you to flip the page. Melissa's ability to capture the torment, compassion and their division that dwell inside this character in is beyond impressive - it is surreal.

So, with the first gigantic hurdle behind us- creating the book, we are left with the next challenge, almost more difficult because it will be largely out of our hands and up to the minds and tastes of our potential readers: finding our audience. 
We do however, have a plan. This weekend Melissa and I are heading to our first ever Comic / Fandom Convention: The Fundy Fan Fest in St. John. There, armed with copies of the first run of MOMO and a collection of Mel's other amazing prints, we will try to tell the story we have been crafting for almost two years now.

The chance to put this tangible work of labour, love, cramped-hands and sleepless nights, into the possession of strangers, hopefully captivated by what we have laid down, is so exciting.

Be sure to look for an update on Monday. Hopefully it will read: 1st Printing- SOLD OUT! 2nd Printing - COMING SOON!

I have added the final front cover and inside cover appreciations to the "pages and panels" section of the website. I wanted to share those here, first in order to properly thank everyone who has supported us with their generosity, patience and encouragement. Rest assured, the backers who pre-purchased issue one of MOMO- your copies will not be sold this weekend. They will sit at home awaiting envelopes and stamps; a process I will begin Monday.

Our sincerest thanks and love everyone. You have helped construct a dream into one of the coolest realities we could have possibly imagined.

B & M

P.S - A funny thing happened in our sleep depraved exhaustion. At the end of out 17.5 hour marathon to meet the print deadline, Melissa and I forgot to include one little detail in the finished product - our names. So, the first 250 copies will all have our hand drawn signatures in place of any other formal creator accreditations. With any luck, it will be a little anecdote in the annals of this story's long, ever expanding history.




Hi everyone, with only a few days left in the campaign, I thought I should touch base and reflect for a moment on how amazing this experience has been. 

I think the coolest thing about this whole crowdfunding experience has been how the project itself has transcended the medium and audience it is intended for. What I mean by this is that so many people are willing to support a project they know is driven by passion regardless if they have a connection to the end result. 

Don't get me wrong, I want EVERY backer and future reader to truly enjoy our story, but I know that some people are simply willing to give, simply to be part of creating something they know is fuelling someone's creative energy, regardless if they will participate in the final result. This kind of generosity has just a profound effect on me as receiving a pre-order from someone who really wants to read the story, and doesn't care at all about where it is coming from.

With over four thousand dollars raised, Melissa and I can now head back to our studios and start defining and shaping the rough edges and corners of our story in preparation for a fall print. 

We are still a ways away from our ultimate goal of $20'000, which would have given us enough steam to keep Melissa solely dedicated on issues two and three over the course of 2017, but we have a few other ideas on how to keep the momentum rolling after we print and disperse the debut issue.

So please, hang in there. Thank you so much for the love, support, pre-orders, word of mouth and buzz you helped us curate. We are very grateful for coming this far and promise to keep hard at work. 

See you all in four days when we wrap this roller coaster up, hopefully there is still a few loop-de-loops on the track ahead.  



Mel and I are super excited to be attending the East Coast Comic Expo this weekend in Moncton. 

We are halfway through our INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN and feeling really energized by everybody's contributions and support! 

Mel will be attending Friday and Saturday in the Artists Tent, selling prints, handing out campaign and story information and generally schmoozing with the warm and fuzzy comic culture aficionados of the Maritimes.

Check out some of Mel's prints, which are for sale for $5 a pop or three for $12. 

Can't wait to see what may come, thanks for reading and sharing everybody, 


B & M


Indiegogo Campaign Launch Party, May 7th @ The Fredericton Public Library

Poster desing by: Gavin Billings

Poster desing by: Gavin Billings

It's official! We are throwing a party to celebrate our pre-order fundraising campaign at the Library, on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, Sat, May 7th, 2016.

We plan to walk everyone through the conception of Minds of My Own and the creative process that has been bringing it to life. We are also going to unveil the FULL COLOUR COVER to Issue #1 alongside an in depth look at our Indiegogo Campaign and our perk packages that will allow you to customize your pre-orders for Issue #1, plus a lot of cool Minds of My Own art and swag.

Check out the poster attached for details and if you are near the Fredericton Area, we would love to see you there.

If you can't make it, don't worry, I will be making a very public display at how you can pre-order your own Minds of My Own comic through our Indiegogo link, Facebook page and here, our home on the web,

Thanks for all the support everyone, we are getting closer and closer, day by day. Could not have done this without the love and support of all of you.


The Logo

Some of you may be wondering what the bird with the EKG heart beat reading inside of it, our logo, represents. I have recently had some tragedy in my life, affecting hundreds of people who may now be in the need of an explanation that seems impossible to obtain. I would like to use this image and moment in time to elaborate on what I truly want Minds of My Own to mean to people who may one day read it.

There are moments in life that change us, moments that make us truly aware of what we are capable of. Sometimes, these moments are filled with light and hope: a hard earned accomplishment or achievement; other times these moments make us aware of the darkness within ourselves or our lives that we will all have to struggle with at one point or another.

Early on in Minds of My Own, when the lead character Jeremy is still young and steadily losing control to the new entity inside of him, there is an encounter with a cardinal while at summer camp that takes Jeremy over a line to a new place of understanding; the darkness inside of him is capable of inflicting great harm, despite Jeremy's own internal protest and compassion.

This whole story is meant to serve as a reflection on ourselves. We wear our best faces during the day, smile when we know it is expected and harbour our gloom for the nights when we are alone. It is a natural, although foolish way we all deal with our fear and doubts.

Jeremy and his second chance are meant to symbolize the light we all need to see in order to drag ourselves out of personal darknesses. We are all the same in our suffering and our joy; neither should be dealt with in solitude. If Jeremy manages to find a reason to live after the madness he was forced to bear witness to, we all can.

This beautiful bird's beating heart represents the moment of your life before you have crossed into a new period of grief or sadness. Through our story Jeremy will remember this bird, this life he once held in his hands, to heave himself back onto solid ground when he feels he hangs from the edge of a personal oblivion.

The bird's name is Kristin, she represents the good in the world; a good you can feel as a beat in a loved one's chest, or as an ache in a grief-stricken heart.

We all have to hold on to the hope that we can make it through any darkness, or the hearts that once beat will not have mattered; but they did, and they do.