It Begins


It's here. Issue 1 is in the can. Tomorrow, August 25th, 2017, I will arrive at Taylor Printing in Fredericton to pick up the first 250 issues of Minds of My Own. ON REAL PAPER AND EVERYTHING! 

I am struggling with words, this is not usual for me; but the amount of support and generosity and genuine anticipation that Melissa and I have garnered from everyone has been tremendous. 

I am sitting here, in front of a sun drenched window, with rays reflecting off the crisp, clean, haunting image of Jeremy on the front cover. It is a demanding image. It draws your eyes directly into his. It dares you to flip the page. Melissa's ability to capture the torment, compassion and their division that dwell inside this character in is beyond impressive - it is surreal.

So, with the first gigantic hurdle behind us- creating the book, we are left with the next challenge, almost more difficult because it will be largely out of our hands and up to the minds and tastes of our potential readers: finding our audience. 
We do however, have a plan. This weekend Melissa and I are heading to our first ever Comic / Fandom Convention: The Fundy Fan Fest in St. John. There, armed with copies of the first run of MOMO and a collection of Mel's other amazing prints, we will try to tell the story we have been crafting for almost two years now.

The chance to put this tangible work of labour, love, cramped-hands and sleepless nights, into the possession of strangers, hopefully captivated by what we have laid down, is so exciting.

Be sure to look for an update on Monday. Hopefully it will read: 1st Printing- SOLD OUT! 2nd Printing - COMING SOON!

I have added the final front cover and inside cover appreciations to the "pages and panels" section of the website. I wanted to share those here, first in order to properly thank everyone who has supported us with their generosity, patience and encouragement. Rest assured, the backers who pre-purchased issue one of MOMO- your copies will not be sold this weekend. They will sit at home awaiting envelopes and stamps; a process I will begin Monday.

Our sincerest thanks and love everyone. You have helped construct a dream into one of the coolest realities we could have possibly imagined.

B & M

P.S - A funny thing happened in our sleep depraved exhaustion. At the end of out 17.5 hour marathon to meet the print deadline, Melissa and I forgot to include one little detail in the finished product - our names. So, the first 250 copies will all have our hand drawn signatures in place of any other formal creator accreditations. With any luck, it will be a little anecdote in the annals of this story's long, ever expanding history.