Our aim in all of this is to intrigue the reader with a great story, then challenge them to understand their own perspectives of forgiveness, redemption and compassion.  

Our goal during our crowdfunding campaign is to build our audience and also amass enough funds to make possible the publishing and printing of Issues #1, #2 and #3; we plan to self-release these comics in both hardcopy and digital format. With the first three issues completed we will approach every comic book publisher in the known universe to see what options there may be to push our story even further; however, if it seems to align better with our vision and direction for Minds of My Own we will continue self-publishing.

This do-it-yourself culture we have all helped cultivate, where we can commit our dollars to the products, services and dreams we personally believe in, has given the consumer and the creator more resources than ever before. We are hoping to take part in this empowering culture and bring a truly creative story to life.   

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