Stories are everything.
— Brian Conoley

Photo Credit: Chris Surette

Brian Calvert Conoley would love to have you over for dinner sometime, seriously. It is around the basking warmth of an oven where he will cipher out what story you are aching to tell, he will make you share. Brian knows that it is in this sharing where bonds are formed, and memories, missions, adventures and dreams are concocted from the ether.

Alongside the most patient parents known to history, Brian was co-raised by comic books. Hurling himself up trees and along river banks, a ramshackled sack full of Archie Digest Magazines, Detective Comics and Calvin & Hobbes collections followed him to his next shady refuge; he would lose himself in the worlds within panels.

Brian lives his life in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where he works in a local gear shop called The Radical Edge. It is there he helps facilitate people's dreams of exploring the outdoors, helping plan their adventures around the world, working much in the same manner he does at home. The fridge door creaks shut, Brian hands you a fresh beer and you spend the evening talking out all sorts of adventures.

Brian truly believes in the power of chasing down your dreams. Writing Minds of My Own and bringing this story to life has already been a dream come true for him.

“I couldn’t imagine a better way to expose myself to this side of the comic book industry.”
— Melissa Vienneau

Melissa freehand drawing at the "Minds Of My Own" booth for the "free comic book day" event in Moncton, NB 2016. 

Photo Credit: Cassandra O.

Photo Credit: Cassandra O.

Melissa Vienneau is an east coast freelance artist based out of Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Melissa specializes in watercolour paintings and ink drawings. She has dabbled in almost all types of painted mediums, but it is the fluid motion and haunting sweep of the watercolour brush contrasting with the razor-sharp slashes of well-black ink Melissa prefers playing with the most. 

Although she has had a generous amount of commission work since rolling down the unknown road of freelancing, Minds of My Own is her first comic book project.

"I've never really explored the avenues of comic book illustration. It has always been something I was curious about, but to sit down and put something together seemed daunting.  It was after reading about these characters in Brian's world he created, then meeting Brian himself when I really tapped into the expansive side of my creative self. It has been such a cool medium to work in. It has been a really positive learning experience, and I've really enjoyed collaborating on this project to tell such a cool story."